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    Dr S. A. Ansari Director RANCHI ansarisa@icfre.org 2948505 2948515 08987785991
    Dr. Sharad Tiwari Scientist-F IT & GIS Application, Extension IFP RANCHI tiwaris@icfre.org 9431766404
    Dr. Sanjay Singh Scientist-F Forest Physiology & Molecular Biology Division and Agroforestry and Extension Division IFP RANCHI sanjaysingh@icfre.org 09430366286
    Dr. Animesh Sinha Scientist-E Forest Genetics & Breeding Division IFP RANCHI sinhaa@icfre.org 9431564462
    Dr Malabika Ray Scientist-D Forest Ecology & Land Management DIvision IFP RANCHI raym@icfre.org 08987504792
    Dr. P. K Das Scientist D Forest Ecology & Land Management DIvision Ranchi daspk@icfre.org 09401386511
    Sanjeev Kumar Scientist D Silviculture & NTFP Management Division IFP, Ranchi bhatiask@icfre.org 07547874750
    Ruby Susana Kujur Scientist C IT & GIS Application IFP RANCHI kujurrs@icfre.org 8651739376
    Aditya Kumar Scientist C Forest Genetics & Breeding Division IFP, Ranchi aditya@icfre.org 09430104643
    Ravi Shankar Prasad RO I Forest Physiology and Molecular Biology Division Ranchi prasadrs@icfre.org 9934140917
    Ravinder Raj Lall Research Officer II Education Division I F P, Ranchi. lalrr@icfre.org 09334329555
    G. Subhas Chandra Bose Section Officer OIC Admin Ranchi subhash@icfre.org 9570958568
    Mahesh Kumar Chanchal RO-II Forest Genetics and Breeding Division Ranchi chanchal@icfre.org 7739844509
    Nishar Alam RA-I Information Technology and GIS Division Ranchi nishara@icfre.org
    Anirban Roy RA-II Estate Division Ranchi roya@icfre.org 09835143699
    Arvind Kumar RA-II Silviculture & NTFP Management Division Ranchi arvind@icfre.org 9430302880
    Sushit Banerjee R.A-II Forest Genetics & Breeding Division Ranchi Sushitb@yahoo.co.in 9431186702
    Manish Kumar T.A "C" Estate Division Ranchi manishk@icfre.org 9334373514
    Amit Kumar Saha T.A "C" Store & Purchase Ranchi 8986809046
    Atanu Sarkar T.A "C" Forest Genetics & Breeding Division Ranchi sarkara@icfre.org 9470511269
    Binod Ram T.A "D" Estate Division Ranchi 9430707198
    Jayanta Kumar Chakaraborty T.A "D" Store & Purchase Ranchi 9733501472
    Mahesh Kumar T.A "D" Forest Genetics & Breeding Division Ranchi 9431352904
    Hardeo Prasad Security Attendant Estate Division Ranchi 09835351723
    Jitu Tirkey T.A "D" Estate Division Ranchi 9431588590
    Umesh Kumar Yadav T.A "D" Information Technology and GIS Division Ranchi yadavu777@gmail.com 9430789357
    Kolha Oraon Office Attendant Estate Division Ranchi
    B. P. Das Security Attendant Estate Division Ranchi 9973802258
    Jitbahan Oraon Security Attendant Estate Division Ranchi 08521456627
    L. C. Das Nursery Attendant Estate Division Ranchi
    Ganga Ruhidas Driver Estate Division Ranchi 7091129989
    Smt. Santarwa Devi Sanitation Attendant Estate Division Ranchi 9199731147
    Arbind Kumar Singh T.A "D" Research Section Ranchi 9234594431
    Smt. Rani Sujata Minz LDC Research Section Ranchi minzrs@icfre.org 8292365650
    Smt. Sumita Sircar RA-II Research Section Ranchi sirkars@icfre.org 9835125583
    AJAY TIRKEY Assistant Research Section Ranchi tirkeya@icfre.org 9631345021
    Kanai Lal De RA-II Forest Ecology & Land Management DIvision Ranchi dekl@icfre.org 09835916896
    Satish Kumar RA-I Forest Ecology & Land Management DIvision Ranchi satishkumar@icfre.org 08051072395
    Jatindra Nath Mahata Nursery Attendant Forest Physiology and Molecular Division Ranchi 7282864957
    Suraj Kumar T.A"C" Forest Physiology and Molecular Division Ranchi suraj@icfre.org 9334904219
    Bivhaw Kumar Thakur T.A "D" Account Ranchi thakurbk@icfre.org 9546586380
    Karam Singh Munda T.A "C" Account Ranchi mundaks@icfre.org 9430355774
    Ajit Kumar UDC Account Ranchi ajit@icfre.org 9031978143
    Sheo Narayan Singh UDC Account Ranchi singhsn@icfre.org 9973159480
    Smt. Sumita Chakaraborty Assistant Account Ranchi chakarabortys@icfre.org 9431584926
    P. K. Gupta T. A "D" Diary & Docket Ranchi guptap@icfre.org 9570032866
    Smt. L. M. Binha UDC Diary & Docket Ranchi 9386874219
    Dinesh Prasad LDC Establishment Ranchi prasadd@icfre.org 9470944189
    Parshuram Upadhyaya Assistant Establishment Ranchi upadhyayp@icfre.org 9547823939
    Ashutosh Kumar Pandey Assistant Establishment Ranchi pandeyak@icfre.org 9430114539
    S. C. Mukherjee Assistant Establishment Ranchi mukherjeesc@icfre.org 9534148965
    Pankaj Singh Scientist B Forest Physiology & Molecular Biology IFP RANCHI singhp@icfre.org 08987725865
    Dipak Kumar Das RO GR I Forest Genetics & Breeding Division IFP RANCHI dasdk@icfre.org 8298146376
    Rajeev Ranjan RO GR II GCR Office I.F.P, Ranchi ranjanr@icfre.org 09470524550
    B. D. Pandit RA I CHANDWA panditbd@icfre.org
    S N Vaidya RA I Extension Division IFP, Ranchi vaidyasn@icfre.org 08986723504
    Shambhu Nath Mishra RA I IT & GIS Application Ranchi mishrasn@icfre.org 06512948515 09431105365
    Ram Kumar Mahto TA C Store, Purchase & Hindi cell I.F.P, Ranchi mahtork@icfre.org 09006713048
    Basant Kumar TA C IT Cell I.F.P, Ranchi kbasant@icfre.org 06512948515 09431366149