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    lemongras1 The initiative under Institute of Forest Productivity (IFP, Ranchi) along with Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic plants (CIMAP, Lucknow) has created remarkable impact on Lemon grass growers/farmers in Bundu area of Ranchi district in Jharkhand. Lemongrass is the source of Lemongrass oil, a.. read more >>

    Development of Green Belt around Chandrapura Thermal Power Station, ChandraPura, Bokaro

    DVC The project has been implemented on unproductive, fly ash site. The site was completely degraded and it was completely barren patch. The project has restored the once completely barren and unproductive area into well established Green belt leading to improvement in soil quality, afforested area and.. read more >>

    Human Resource Development

    Institute has significantly contributed on human resource development in the field of bamboo propagation techniques, planting stock improvement and Lac cultivation. Over the years more than 3000 number of users from various category including forest officials and rural farmers have been benefitted t.. read more >>

    Lead Garden

    IMG_1893 IFP developed botanical garden, which is spread over 15 acres; has been designated as "Lead Garden" by Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt of India for the eastern region. The botanical garden is a grand repository of indigenous and exotic plant species including those of rare, endangered, thr.. read more >>

    Herbal Garden

    DSC00587 The herbal garden of this institute has been developed as a regional medicinal plant garden of eastern India for conservation, demonstration and continual production and supply of quality planting material for distribution to promote on farm cultivation of medicinal plants with the help of National.. read more >>

    National Knowledge Network

    cyber IFP, Ranchi is now connected with National Knowledge Network (NKN). This enables availability of high speed 100 MBPS leased link facility to the institute for online applications including Internet access, Video Conferencing and other applications. The availability of such high speed link means the.. read more >>